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Authorized Users that boost scores, Tradelines That Post. 


Special Pricing on Authorized User Tradelines.

60+ cards to choose from. 

Discover, Barclays, Chase, CITI, Bank Of Omaha, BOA, America First Credit Union, Amazon Chase, PEN FED, and more. We have recently increased our inventory…  AU’s are now sold separately.  You can request our complete inventory via the “access now” tab.     WE HAVE ADDED 60 NEW CARDS to our list. We now have the largest online AU inventory on the web.   (online store coming soon).


“Contact us and Request a Tradeline Price List. “

Tradelines for Seasoned Credit History

If you are in a hurry to increase your scores… contact us now and one of our reps will be in touch within minutes of your inquiry. Our customer support and processing team is highly experienced and has been processing AU’s for over 4 years.  The key to a successful AU posting operation is a focus on customer support.   We employ twice the number of people to ensure timely posting and immediate action when \


Access premium level Authorized Users with over 10-30 years seasoning. Now that is awesome!!

Limited spots available!This is a new provider that is only going to be available until July 2013.

Below is our premier list of tradelines, these are very seasoned tradelines that can help boost scores big time. Massive funding has been obtained when using any package combo. Obtain up to $80,000-$120,000 in credit cards, autos, and credit lines. Our experts can help you with the set up and packages choices to make the most of your funding. In house credit authorized user only, never outsourced. All lines are guaranteed to post. Authorized credit users can be posted to your credit within 24 hours. We promise to never delay a file and will execute posting same day in most cases. Use a or a SSN, rarely do you see lines like this that allow a CPN. All CPN’s must be deemed validated and cleared. (we no longer accept CPN’s)

Learn More about Seasoned Primary Tradelines here   Authorized Users Pricing

Learn more about 14 Day Credit Sweeps Here

Bank High Limit Years Balance Stmt date Prices
B of A Visa $11,300 27 $199 24th $275
Discover $10,000 13 $200 6th $379
Chase Visa $9,000 13 0 21st $245
CITI MC $9,500 12 $100 15th $250
CITI MC $20,000 13 0 15th $375
Chase MC $13,500 11 0 16th $300
PayPal MC $5,700 2 0 14th $175

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“I seriously got a 786 FICO in less than 32 days. I went 5 years with bad credit after my divorce, and truly did what they said they would, and more. My life has completely changed now and I am telling all my friends and family. ” The “13 year Citi” tradeline got me three 25,000 cards! I am thrilled with the seasoning on these lines, and the higher approvals rates they provide.  Contact us today

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