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Fast Posting Seasoned Trade Lines from a Proven Tradeline Provider.   

Adding trade lines that post on all three bureaus.  

And it even gets better!  

The tradeline credit community has been blown away by the effectiveness of this tradeline for 2012.   We believe that this provider will continue and even add more tradelines in 2013.   This is a major companys who is reporting 1,000’s of credit profiles daily, so they are not likely to be flagged anytime soon.   This is why its so important to get in while these are the hottest tradelines for Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.  There is nothing like it, getting access to seasoned credit history is like finding a pot of gold.  We all know that primary tradelines are rare, but when they are posting in a timely way, its the fastest way to get that credit line, credit cards, house, car, you know how it goes from there.

  • Post in 7 days.   Real Tradelines that post, post fast!  
  • Accepts Credit Card.   Enough Said!
  • Proven Provider.  The best Tradeline for upcoming 2013

What is a Seasoned Tradeline?

A Seasoned Primary Tradeline will report a perfect credit history on your profile up to 60 months.   An unsecured $20,000 Tradeline Profile that is seasoned with a zero balance can easily boost credit scores over 150 points.   Combined this with our “hybrid credit repair” program, and you have a real pathway to getting back your 700+ credit scores regardless of where your credit is right now.  

How to post primary tradelines on my credit?     This is simply a matter of having a good provider.  The provider will require your ID, your address, and other credit information, just like a lender would require if you were buying a car.   Oh…did I mention that these primaries post within 7 days  too… 


Can I get Tradeline Credit?

Yes, this is the fastest way to getting credit.   Lenders will want to see that you have had history in the past, and if your file qualifys for a tradeline from the best tradeline provider, then your in the money.  

How do I remove my bad Credit?    Visit Credit Sweeps

BROKERS WANTED.   We need more brokers, please inquire inside with a tradeline broker.  

 No Funding agreements required. Great for brokers with clients, or for those who want to dramatically increase credit scores in 10-15 days and qualify for funding. 

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