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How To Do A Credit Sweep…Safely.

In 24 hours…you will start seeing items falling off your file, and in 7-14 days all the bad credit is completely gone forever… The best I felt in 4 years and is why we are officially a reseller of this service.


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 If your serious about removing negative items fast… Then you have finally found a reliable credit sweep resource.

We have been in the industry now for over 6 years, and seen all types of programs.  There are files that require more immediate and extreme actions, and thats what a credit sweep will do.


“We rely on top shelf credit sweeps and removal services everyday  in order to obtain maximum funding.

Its how we clean credit completely leaving NO NEGATIVE ITEMS that will allow our clients to easily qualify for funding so we can all get paid.”



You will have two options with credit repair. Conventional, slow and methodical 1-2 disputes per month approach,  or 7-14 days and its all gone approach.

How to do a Credit Sweep.

The key is a “A Credit Sweep or hybrid approach. Traditional Credit Sweep services involved risk methods that simply were not worth it.  ” This is not a police report method, nor a credit sweep software, or any of that other non sense you hear about.  This is simply  a “top of their game” group of experts who know how to remove items from your report so fast, your head will spin.   And, if you take advantage of the new hot 2013 Tradelines…then you will spin your way right into the 750 + FICO score range and qualify for funding without any delays.

A Credit Sweep has its place, but in most cases opting for Advanced Credit Repair is a better decision for even the more complex credit repair files. Our reps will help you decide.

This is a very aggressive approach designed for those who want to get massive results and get their credit file ready for funding in the shortest time possible.

If you have only a bad credit that needs to be removed, then the pricing can be tailored to fit your credit profile complexity.   A Credit Sweep may not always be the best option.

Rapid Credit Repair to Fix Credit Fast.

Rapid credit repair using a targeting method to remove select items.  This is a somewhat slower approach by adding new seasoned credit while disputing and removing negative items.  If you invest in removing negative times, its even more important to invest in adding seasoned positive tradelines for instant credit history.

Add Tradelines While You Fix Bad Credit to Get Results that Impress.

This process of fixing credit fast can and will raise your score over 100 points in a short period of time.  Great for home buyers, car loans, renting apts, and other urgent credit needs.

This program is much cheaper then a sweep too.


Why Credit Sweeps will be Big In 2014

“I finally did a credit sweep after years of suffering with a mountain of debt and bad credit, I mean it was so worth it. “

Most experts now will avoid the typical monthly payment credit repair company’s.  


Credit sweeps have evolved, but its still a “who you know” type business.   Those who have the resource, have a line of people waiting to get in.

Credit sweep program is constantly changing.  What worked in 2011 does not work in 2013.   Its a code that gets unlocked, and runs for years until the bureaus catch up.  Its kinda cool to watch these guys stay ahead of the big bureaus, its good thing for us that these credit wizards are that good.

they want you to pay them for way to long.  Its how their business model is set up.  Getting results faster, especially when adding a tradeline, is vital.  We must know what we are getting, and when.  So, in 2013 credit sweeps will be increasing in popularity because they can be done safer.  Advanced Methods, with out the risk.  Contact us now—->


Here ‘s how credit repair works.

These companies will offer small monthly payments to get you started, then upsell you weekly.   Generally a client will see some easy credit get removed, then its at this stage the wishful thinking begins, and a false sense of confidence is now working against your better judgement.    If you think about this, why would they want to operate quickly.  So, they do a little each month, until you fall away.  They know exactly what they are doing, and when you will stop paying.

So, in credit repair its important to allow a strong enough budget that can ensure the team that is working on your file is motivated to complete the job, regardless of how far they need to go, or what method they will likely resort too.  They key is working with companies that are trained for advanced credit repair, and more importantly willing to go to this expense.    Its a business, and its simply easier to hire college students to do the basic work, rather then professionals that are living it everyday.  The professionals are getting credit sweep like results, without the expense the and risk of credit sweeps.

How Can I Remove My Bad Credit Fast?

Well, this program will remove items in 14-45 days, rarely longer.  Its then we want to apply for funding.

I assure you, this type of credit enhancement service is not available anywhere but here.  (Dave, Tradeliner’s Senior Funding Guy)

  • Faster, more aggressive and smarter approach.
  • No long term monthly payments
  • Understand what is needed to get funding
  • Access to adding seasoned tradelines
  • Use the same methods we rely on for cleaning credit to get funding
  • Work with 30 years veterans who know how to do it.

If you are serious about getting your credit whipped back into shape, then call the credit repair team directly and get started.


By completing this form, the advanced “credit Sweeps” company information will be SENT TO YOU RIGHT NOW.

If you need tradelines, dont forget about us, we will be here when you need us.


Credit Sweeps Order Form


Contact information will be emailed immediately.  And… qualify for a free tradeline to be added, this offer is included in all credit repair sign ups, seriously, I just said that.  A FREE TRADELINE OFFER.   So, inquire today.

You will be able to…

#1.  Contact the experts directly.

#2.  Let them know who sent you, and get the information on “HOW TO GET A FREE TRADELINE”

#3.  Call us back to add tradelines, and get you ready for funding.


To your success!

*”Tradeline for free” offer is included with all credit sweep/repair services.   Members will be entered into a drawing, and can win a tradeline that will have massive impact on scores.  Contact us to learn more, our sales team is ready to help you qualify for a free tradeline.

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