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Seasoned Primary Tradelines

“Primary Tradelines” Get Credit Faster


We understand the demand for immediate credit history today!  This is why we use Seasoned primary tradelines guaranteed to post and improve credit scores in less then 7 days.  


How to choose the Seasoned Tradeline Package that is right for you.


We typically experience two types of borrowers.

  1. People who’s primary goal is to access cash
  2. People who’s primary goal is to access an auto or home loan


Getting Auto Credit using a CPN Profile

If you primary focus is a vehicle, then by adding a “paid in full” seasoned primary auto loan onto your file would be highly beneficial to you. Now…this does not limit you from obtaining credit cards, but it will certainly help you obtain autos without any delays.  To get high end sports cars, cars that required funding of $85,000 or more, you will want to show at least 1 installment loan of $50,000 and 1 auto loan paid in full of at least $30,000+.

We strongly recommend repairing your SSN profile to get credit.  CPN Numbers are inconsistent when getting approved with certain lenders, however there are cases when a CPN number is the best option.


How to get a Mortgage and investors in Real Estate Credit using a CPN

If your primary focus is to borrow hard money and private money for real estate investment, then adding mortgage credit would be wise. This will allow you to easily capitalize on private contracts with investors, property sellers, private lenders, lease options, apt rentals, impress brokers, satisfy real estate agents, the list goes on and on. We do not suggest using your CPN file to borrower mortgages, there is a much more affective approach for this. Contact one of our mortgage consultants to learn more about mortgage credit using a CPN.

How to get Credit Cards using Seasoned Primary Tradelines and Authorized Users.

Obtaining credit cards using seasoned tradelines can be achieved in a very short period of time.  A person can access up to $150,000 with various lenders.  The most common approach to getting funding. Our revolving AU’s and seasoned primary tradelines will have a powerful impact on your files credit rating. Credit card lenders can have limiting policies to the number of inquiries a file is allowed to have before getting approved.  

We typically recommend apply for credit cards in the first phase of the application process, and reserve the remaining inquiries for business and personal credit lines in the second phase of the application process.  

Banks will allow up to 6-9 inquiries on credit cards but credit lines may go up to 12 inquiries. Let our expertise in managing not only the most effective lender to apply to, but knowing which lenders allow high inquires is the difference between success and failure.

Seasoned Primary Tradelines provide a powerful impact on a credit file, they work so well, that mainstream credit repair companies use them on high price point files for upscale clients.   The will also allow borrowers to get much more credit in a shorter period.

Is Bad Credit Holding You Back?


Get The List:  Authorized Users Tradeline for Sale.  

 Tradelines for sale on a limited basis, you must apply.

Example Tradeline package #1:

1 Seasoned Primary Tradeline

3 AU’s (authorized Users)

+This file include 1 premium line

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The Primary Tradeline will be an “paid in full auto” loan, allowing for easy auto financing. The AU’s (authorized user) will be  a revolving credit Tradeline up to $20,000. This will easily allow for up to $100,000 in credit card approvals, and your new score will reach the 790-800 FICO level. This will also allow for co-signing for business loans, credit lines, and other similar credit. This file can be obtained for a $800-$1,300 investment.  (Pay with Credit Card)


Example Package #2:

2  Seasoned Primary Tradeline

2 AU’sAU’s (authorized Users)

+This file include 1 premium line


By still accomplishing the all-important “4 Tradeliner file”, you can access more lenders and banks who typically require a minimum of 2 primaries. Primaries are typically more expensive, and can sometime be a factor for many clients. This file can be obtained for $2,800 investment.


These Packages can be incorporated onto a SSN or CPN file, however many seasoned tradeline providers are not allowing CPN numbers, so the selection is limited with CPN. 

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Example Tradeline Package #3

2 Seasoned Primary Tradeline

3 AU’sAU’s (authorized Users)

+This file include 2 premium lines


This primary tradeline package will include a very strong AU’s-authorized users and a installment loans, and open revolving tradeline account. This file is a proven profile that produces not only higher limit approvals, but can have a much lower denial rate. Currently, over 25% of files are denied, its simply the nature of the industry. Minimizing denials and increasing the approval limits can be the difference of adding a single 5th primary trade line. This file can be obtained for a $3,050 investment


Trade Line Package #4

3 Seasoned Primary’s

3 AU’s

+This file include 3 premium lines

This file will have a nice balance of the following: one Installment loan, almost paid in full. One revolving account and one paid in Full auto. The AU’s will be revolving account will over 10 years seasoning. This file has very few issues and a very low denial rate. 6 trade line file is a favorite of our processing team for obvious reasons. This type of file can be obtained with a $3900 investments.

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Structured Seasoned Primary Tradelines

Below is a list of seasoned primary tradelines that are available now.


(we have new providers that are now live and posting, contact us for our latest list.

Lines will show up as a Finance company, Jewelry, Furniture Company.

*Seasoned up to 7 years

Posting dates: These trade lines post twice per month. 1st-5th and 20th-25th.


(note, we have a tradeline provider that posts in 7 days, no posting dates, just posts fast.  

*all orders must be submitted by the 5th and 20th , for certain tradelines only. 


Update:  With recent technology advancements, most of our tradelines are posting in 5-7 days.   This is Awesome!  

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Custom Seasoned Primary Tradelines  (limited)  

These have a limited availability   

These primaries are ordered direct from the bank. This lines can go up to 50,000. No revolving lines at the time but will be

added soon. We simply use one of the REV accounts from above, so this has not been an issue.


  • Up to $50,000
  • Up to 5 years seasoning
  • Installment Loan and Auto/Lease
  • Posts very FAST.
  • Open or Closed
  • Show as a finance company
  • Credit Union Posting methods

Mortgage up to $500,000 coming soon!

Lines post in 7-10 days from the monthly transmission point. All lines are submitted each month between the 10th

12th. Lines will post without fail within 10 days of this date.

All orders must be in by the 10th of each month. It is recommended that you become a client 2 weeks prior to your order. Our current waiting list ranges between 5-30 days depending, so please contact your agent if it’s important you catch the next available posting tim


Using a combination of the primary tradeline above, provides for maximum credit. Tradeliner is the only direct source in the industry that offers AU and 2 sets of seasoned primary’s which is the reason we are considered to be not only the most credible tradeline company in the business, but the most effective. We offer a 100% money back guarantee. We expect all clients to understand the complexities of a complete credit ready CPN profile. We offer free posting for lines that may not have posted timely, of lines that have been removed prior to accomplish the client’s goals.



Premium member. A person who wants a custom file developed for a specific purpose including funding.

Preferred Member: A person who needs only primary tradelines and has a funding source, or a person who needs only funding service.

Brokers/Member: Providing wholesale services to brokers and affiliates.


How do  Seasoned Tradelines Work?

Trade lines today are much safer to order.   with faster posting times, Trade lines that are seasoned can post  guaranteed within 5 to 7 days.    We  strongly recommend paying with credit card when utilizing  a provider  for the first time.


 Seasoned primary Trade lines do exist,  there was a time in 2011 that they seemed almost extinct.

They are usually available  to purchase from a small business who is currently reporting credit and has been for many years.    if a business sells furniture, autos,  medical supplies, jewelry they can offer clients credit and report them if they do not pay.    many times the small businesses will resell a portion of their reporting capability to train my brokers like us.

Many think that this is an illegal process,  but is more about how the Trade lines will be used when it comes to liability.   accessing a good provider who does not get greedy and oversell a large percentage of their reporting capability is the key. When we  work with a new Tradeliner provider we are very particular in understanding their reporting capability,  how many Trade lines they are reporting versus their existing clients  which allows our team to assess the risk in the longevity of this paper.   some providers may last years,  others who do not follow the rules of the credit bureau will last only a few months.

Our philosophy is when posting,  Everyone is happy with Trade lines are not posting,  well  is simply not fun for any of us.    The pursuit of Trade lines is ongoing, because they are simply the most effective way to access credit, that leads to more funding.







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  1. Tradeliner Providers Can Be Spotty at best, but I am getting intel that lines are posting, it all depends on the hot provider for that period. Take your time, do your homework. Most of these providers had a rough period at one time or another, I know of a provider who had over 30 clients who did not get their tradeline, but then they finally got a good provider, and within 12 months they were able to repost, but they were hammered until then, because the original provider took all the money, leaving the broker responsible.

    If you are working with a good provider, please share the intel..thanks!

  2. I cant wait for my next tradeline to post! The first posting increased my credit and FICO by 79 points. I will be using Penn and Navy for first round of funding. Cheers!

  3. Hey, can someone call me? My friend just got her file done, and I want to get started buy I guess there is a list? Please contact me, I completed the form, my name us Tiara-

  4. I already posted And Authorized User And My Score Jumped 63 Points. I Want to Add That New Season Primary to my file in the next 7 days.

    Please save me a spot, I sent in my order form yesterday. Thanks!

  5. Start your new year off right by using Happy New Year!

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