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Seasoned Trade Lines-The Truth

Seasoned Tradeline ProvidersSeasoned Tradeline Providers

The truth about Seasoned Trade Lines

Seasoned trade lines are rare indeed.  If you’re lucky enough to ultimately find a good resource for seasoned primary trade lines… Well then you are only weeks away from a massive makeover with huge impact on credit scores with any file regardless of how bad your credit is.

 The truth is, seasoned trade lines are provided by companies who are set up with the credit bureau to report credit that did not happen, thats why its called seasoned.  These companies have numerous standards that they must meet before they can freely report seasoned trade line history.  But, once they achieve this, they power to report history is unreal. 

 Seasoned tradelines, combined with solid credit repair program,its the fastest way to massive credit lines, new car, a house to rent, or buy.  Nothing like a 720 +credit score.  

The companies are generally small businesses who have established a well documented history of clients who apply for credit.  Jewelry stores, computers,  furniture stores, auto dealers etc..

Every so often a company will allow for a portion of their reporting inventory to be utilized for seasoned credit history that will ultimately be reported as if the payments have been coming in perfectly for up to 5 years.

Basically, the company is willing to make a deal with a client.   The company will claim that they have been accepting payments for credit for the last five years on a open season trade line client get a seasoned trade line with a very low or zero balance, and a perfect payment history.

The credit bureaus will allow up to five years, if you can prove you have an existing client database.   The bureaus will typically do an on site inspection, but overall it’s quite easy for establishing business to allow for 100-200 reporting trade lines within their current inventory, which they gladly resell to those who are interested in aggressively fixing their credit and positioning themselves to apply for online credit cards using tradlines for credit.

 Seasoned Tradelines 2012

We are happy to have access to a number of very solid primary tradeline providers this year, and can only hope it continues well on into 2013

 Our firm does not engage with or report credit to the bureaus, we leave that up to the companies who want to sell them.    

The few proven trade line providers out there claim that what they are doing is not illegal, and therefore they resell these guidelines.   Being that it’s private bureaus that regulate this, it seems to make sense but we have not seen any issues, or companies have any legal issues, and would not expect any clients who are lucky enough to obtain a trade line on their credit would have an issue either.

Tradeline providers come and go.   The longest lasting provider that we are aware of was four years and four months.   unfortunatly this jewelwry company continued to collect payments for months, knowing they were finally shut down by the bureaus.  This does happen, and it will continue.  

Currently we are working with a provider that has been successfully posting for the last 13 months.    We expect that they will be around for some time, being that they are doing it correctly.   They are very large company reporting thousands of trade lines each month, and only a small portion is designated for resale.  

Our opinion is get them while they’re available, because they are incredibly effective in what they are designed to do.  

A five year, unsecured seasoned credit history is substantial, and has a significant impact regardless of your negative items showing.   Today, with the technology of most repair companies, removing negative items is simply a matter of process.  It’s the trade lines that we are all looking for, and for the moment seasoned tradlines 2012 has been a good year.

 Getting in on primary tradelines fast is the key, because they are rare most of the time, but the impact is immediate, and well worth the wait.     To learn more about our latest provider contact us using the red button to the right.  






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