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Tips on using tradelines for credit   Locking your credit file to ensure the bureaus only pull a single bureau.

   Why you should lock each bureau and show only the bureau the lender requires?

   Seasoned Trade lines and CPN credit is a careful and meticulous process that should not be compromised once you ready to apply.

   Many borrowers make the mistake of having all three bureaus open and accessible to the banks and credit unions when applying for CPN credit.

   The best approach to your CPN or SSN application is to show only the particular bureau that the bank requires wants to see.

   90% of the banks we use, only pull on bureaus but will look at the other two bureaus if its available to then to see.

   Having all 3 bureaus available is not always the best approach, and this will dramatically limit the total amount you can borrow.

  This typically will reveal components of the file that may not help
  your application and or compromise the file.

“The key here is to maximize the amount of tradeline credit a person can borrow. “

Trade Lines are highly effective when used.  

They will almost always have an immediate positive impact on credit.  

The secret is to approach each bureau separately, and try and borrow from each bureau separately.   A person can obtain funding up to $50,000 or even $100,000 per lender, which

can double or triple the average amount that most borrows settle for.  The makes for better use of inquiries too.   If you interest is to borrow larger amounts,

We have higher level files at that have obtained over $250,000 in just credit cards.

The ability to lock each bureau is only available with certain credit monitoring systems, which is using the top

reporting systems on the market that work well for locking and unlocking bureaus from showing your report.


Getting access to seasoned trade lines is a rare find indeed, but when the provider is posting in a timely way, then consumers will jump on this opportunity because they know the massive positive impact that primaries can have on a bad credit score.   Not only will this boost scores, but will improve your opportunities to access credit cards, business funding, auto loans, home loans, etc.  

If you are interested in more tips and secrets about the process, or wanting to learn more about how

This program can help you access funding in the next 30-45 days… Learn more by clicking the “get access button to the right.  



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