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750 FICO for Higher Limit Approvals

750+ Scores in

20 Days?

Experience the power of the “Tradeliner Credit programs”.

Anyone can obtain credit with our premium tradelines.

“Direct access to your credit in less than 30-40 days. “

  • Get a Clean CPN Number
  • “Seasoned Primary Tradelines”
  • Credit “Authorized Users”
  • Up to $150,000 in Credit

Need Seasoned Primary Trade Lines?

We are the leader in high quality tradelines. Trade Liner has been voted the #1 source for tradelines by major suppliers, mortgage brokers,

real estate investors, and popular forums. If you are new to this site, then you are just a few weeks away from accessing over $100,000+ in credit.
“Build a credit file that will access $100,000 or more, in the shortest time possible.” Experience the difference!

There are 3 main components to our process.

  1. Profile Development
  2. Getting Credit Ready
  3. Process for Funding

From client support and consulting, designing a credit strategy and preparing your application for funding, we are experts in the entire process from A-Z.

We can even improve upon your existing efforts, and make suggestions to help you complete your file and establish a “credit ready ” CPN file.

We will accommodate your credit goals Brokers welcome.
Brokers, sign up here.


Protect yourself, and pay with confidence.

  • Authorized Users

  • Primary Trade Lines

  • CPN Numbers

  • $150,000 in 45 Days or less

Credit Authorized Users?

Add tradelines to your existing SSN profile”.

The only legitimate way to truly improve your file and position yourself for credit without the risk of fraud, getting scammed, or losing valuable time waiting for the un-inevitable posting.

All AU’s (authorized users for credit cards) are exclusive clients from our in house credit team. Deal direct and have the confidence you need to get the credit lines, credit cards, card loans in days not weeks.

Expert knowledge to establish a viable credit file, learn exactly what it takes to get the premier 0% in rate credit cards, 4% car loans, corporate credit lines, and installment loans.

How do we do this?

Obtain a CPN Number

A perfect credit history, and 750+ scores, banks are eager to lend you money, so we help you give them what they want to see…Perfect credit with a file that looks like it will be able to repay the money they want to lend to you.

The key to our process is our expert staff.

  • Former bank underwriters

  • Bank executives

  • Processors

  • Private Investors

There is a vital 9 item check list that every bank will look for before the extend credit. These items will determine if your file will qualify for credit. You must know these items, or you will be quickly denied, and the new
account will be flagged.

And Hundreds of private and business people who rent out their credit Monthly for income. (if interested in 100% secure cash flow, contact us, must have great credit)

Want to become a tradeliner? Contact us here…

Listen, it’s no secret, that if you know how to build a credit file that you can easily boost your scores using our credit authorized users program, and boost scores out of site.

Getting the maximum credit is a matter of knowing which bank to go to first, and which bank to apply to next, there is a method to the madness, a particular strategy that will get you the most your scores will allow. Attempting this on your own, can easily take you out of the game. Too many inquires is the primary reason many fail, and they do this when they should not have even applied in the first place.

We maximize credit limits, by submitting bulk package to banks, and only applying to the banks we know will approve you.

But we can worry about that after we improve or build your scores, or completely build you an entirely credit profile number and establish a perfect credit history.

My name is RJ Stevens, and I am here to tell you that I was completely wiped out in the real estate crash in 2008. I have been in the financing industry for over 12 years. But, once I lost my credit, it was as if I lost everything…my confidence, my home, my friends, is was a nightmare.

Until I learned about how credit works, and the options were.

My credit was so bad, that it would take 1-2 years to fix. In my case, I started with a new credit profile, and used this new profile to bridge my credit worthiness until I could fix my problems.

If you are in a hurry to get access to cash, I am going to give it to you straight.

Either so a Equifax Sweep of your personal file, and then later add back to your file your positive items, and remove quickly the negative items. Or start over with a new CPN Number profile, and add new credit history, that shows a positive pay history

It may not be as good as what you had prior, but in my case it was pretty darn close, and compared to where I was, I was happy to have scores In the mid 700’s again.

I am must say I am surprised why more people don’t do this, why they would struggle with challenged credit and make life so difficult. Its really not rocket science, No bibles, no secrets.

We will either repair your credit or build a new file preferably both. In either case we can add up to 3-6 primary trade lines that will give you an almost immediate perfect credit rating. Get access to all the available credit that others who have perfect bankable credit would normally obtain.

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