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Auto Credit using Primary Tradelines to Improve Scores

If you primary focus is a vehicle, then by adding a “paid in full” seasoned primary Tradeline that is guaranteed to post, using one of our Tradelines for Sale that can be used for an auto loan, and would be highly effective.…this does not limit you from obtaining credit cards, but it will certainly help you obtain auto loan being that your scores could jump 100 points in 7 days, and you just improved about 80% of file based on what lenders look for.


History, balances, and Type of Credit.  This will determine 80% fo your scores.

 Primary tradelines have an immediate impact on scores, and credibility.  

Primary Tradelines For Sale both individually or packages.  

Mortgage and Real Estate Credit using a CPN Profile

If your primary focus is to borrow hard money and private money for real estate investment, then adding mortgage credit would be wise. This will allow you to easily capitalize on private contracts with investors, property sellers, private lenders, lease options, apt rentals, impress brokers, satisfy real estate agents, the list goes on and on.

Obtain Credit Cards using Seasoned Primary Tradelines and Authorized Users.

Obtaining credit cards, up to $150,000 is the most common approach to getting funding. Our revolving AU’s and seasoned primary tradelines will have a powerful impact on your files credit rating. Credit cards can have strict policies to the number of inquiries a file is allowed to have. We typically apply for credit cards in the first phase reserve the remaining inquiries for business and personal credit lines. Banks will allow up to 6-9 inquiries on credit cards but credit lines may go up to 12 inquiries. Let our expertise in managing not only the most effective lender to apply to, but knowing which lenders allow high inquires is the difference between success and failure.


What is a primary tradeline? and why are they for sale.

The term “primary” simply means to a credit reporting bureau that you are the primary borrower for this credit.   In the past.,  When Authorized Users were highly effective, (in a still are somewhat effective today), this type of trade line is not considered “primary ” in the eyes of the lender, or credit bureau.

Typically, a lender would like to see at least 1 to 2 primaries on a file before they will issue a credit.   Many today are adding one primary and 2-3 authorized users for that score boost in order to get an online instant approval for a credit card.

Many online systems will easily approve a file that is built like this.

A Business owner who reports credit may offer a small portion of the reporting power for resell…so finding primary tradelines for sale can be a challenge because its much like finding gold in the hills.

Primary Tradelines and Getting Credit Cards

Today, it’s important to not only use a season primary but even one or two new primary tradelines can be useful too.  

The seasoned primary trade line will offer a credit history and show that you have the ability to carry a zero balance which strengthens the credit file.  The more seasoned a primary trade line is, the more impact this will have on your final score.  Other factors such as the type of lender this primary trade line was issued from can also be a component that will determine the score.

But in the end, it’s the fact that you will are showing a credit history that is been perfectly paid for multiple years, and currently has a zero balance.  Most lenders would view this single primary tradeline as a major determining factor in whether they issue credit.  It is an online application, the approval is simply automatic.

 Overall, it’s good to obtain 5 to 6 various Trade lines, primary, new and secondary authorized users before ever applying to an online credit bureau.  Also, be very certain about which credit pulling Bureau the lending institution will pull from, as it is important to freeze the other two before applying this way you are not racking up on wanted inquiries.

Below is an example of primary tradelines for sale.

Example package #1:

1 Seasoned Primary Trade lines

3 AU’s (authorized user)

+This file include 1 premium line

The primary trade line will be a paid in full auto loan or lease allowing for easy auto financing. The AU’s will be revolving credit up to $20,000. This will easily allow for up to $100,000 in credit cards, and your new score will reach the 790-800 FICO level. This will also allow for co-signing for business loans, credit lines, and other similar credit. This file can be obtained for a $700-1,000 investment.

Check out our

Primary Package #2:

2 Seasoned Primary’s

2 AU’s

+This file include 1 premium line

By still accomplishing the all-important “4 Tradeliner file”, you can access more lenders and banks who typically require a minimum of 2 primary’s. Primary’s are typically more expensive, and can sometime be a factor for many clients. This file can be obtained for $800 investment.

Primary Package #3

2 Seasoned Primary’s

3 AU’s

+This file include 2 premium tradelines

This package will include a very strong AU’s and a installment loans, and open primary revolving account. This file is a proven profile that produces not only higher limit approvals, but can have a much lower denial rate. Currently, over 25% of files are denied, its simply the nature of the industry. Minimizing denials and increasing the approval limits can be the difference of adding a single 5th primary trade line. This file can be obtained for a $1,200 investment

Primary Package #4

3 Seasoned Primary’s

3 AU’s

+This file include 3 premium tradelines

This file will have a nice balance of the following: one Installment loan, almost paid in full. One revolving account and one paid in Full auto. The AU’s will be revolving account will over 10 years seasoning. This file has very few issues and a very low denial rate. 6 trade line file is a favorite of our processing team for obvious reasons. This type of file can be obtained with a $1500 investment.

Structured Seasoned Primary tradelines

Below is a list of seasoned primary tradelines that are available now.


UPDATE:  Seasoned Tradlines hava a posting time of 7 days as of 6/01/12.   Pay with credit card too, no risk.


Custom Primary’s

These primary’s trade lines are ordered direct from the bank. This lines can go up to 50,000.

We simply use one of the REV accounts from the structured primary trade-line list above.  

More Details. 

  • Up to $50,000
  • Up to 5 years seasoning
  • Installment Loan and Auto/Lease
  • Posts very FAST.
  • Open or Closed
  • Show as a finance company
  • Credit Union Posting methods


For maximum credi, use a combination of tradelines.   Consulting services available for those who want just funding.  

Tradeliner is the only direct source in the industry that offers Authorized Users and 2 sets of seasoned primary’s which is the reason we are considered to be not only the most credible tradeline company in the business, but the most effective.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. We expect all clients to understand the complexities of a complete credit ready CPN profile.

We offer free posting for lines that may not have posted timely, of lines that have been removed prior to accomplish the client’s goals.


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