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How It Works

How it Works

How We Approach CPN Numbers and Tradelines


Ok, so how does this work?


When building a new CPN credit file using tradelines, the first thing we are going to ask is…


1. How much credit are you looking for?

2. What are your financial goals for this new CPN credit profile?


If you are purchasing a car, or looking for credit cards and credit lines,

Maybe higher limit premium cards, or leasing a multimillion dollar home,

these answers will determine our approach

How Bob Used Authorized User tradelines to Get Credit


For example, Bob and his wife were recently affected by

A home foreclosure, and they now want to rent a home on a lease option.

The only people who are going to look at his credit is a realtor and a

very motivate homeowner who is wanting to offset his

Payment in a 8,000 sqft home.


Bob did not have a big budget to work with, but Bob was pretty good negotiator and

new he could make a deal, and deal he made.

We provided the lines needed to impress the homeowner and realtor with scores of 772 and a high credit of 30k

And over 70K in available credit which certainly gave the homeowner a comfort level that he could pay up.


Bob was able to get the home at a $3,000 monthly lease, this home was

Valued at $1.4-2 million in the past, but the market is down for high end homes.

Even better, he got an option to Purchase the home for 1 million for up to 5 years.

So, Bob is now living in luxury, in a home that is certainly going to be worth more

than 1 million within the next 5 years.


Bob used his credit card for the down payment and deposit, first and last months rent of $10,000

He is using his remaining credit to offset the payment over the next 2 years, and expects to market

the home for $1.6 million successfully within 12 months.


We are experts in getting funds from banks. We build files according to the deal.

Not all CPN Numbers are created equal


Our CPN number are created and checked with over 3-5 scans involved, skip traced, validated.

If you have a CPN number from another source, its best to start again in most cases.


Getting credit using my CPN number


The amount of credit may vary. But those who can afford to invest

in higher quality trade lines, get much better results.

Our clients range from former mortgage brokers, law firms,

sports athletes and the everyday person who just needs better credit.


Don’t worry, even the minimum level 1 profile can yield

results that are truly outstanding.


We have 3 levels of various packages that range from $1,500-$9,500. We can customize any CPN Number for

maximum credit once the file funds.


A strong CPN number profile can be built starting as low as $1,500.  But…its is strongly

recomended to speak to your agent about this, most clients choose the higher end packages.

Email us for more info about the various levels we have for trade line and authorized user packages.


Authorized users, we like them.


Some people think authorized users tradelines have little impact. That is not true. For personal credit,

We prefer to use a much more reliable AU file, then the highly elusive seasoned tradelines. Again, we want to

be smart about the approach and do it with minimal risk. Even if we obtain $20,000 less in credit, that is

Better then a file that is flagged in 120 days due to the single seasoned primary that was added to

a perfectly good file.  All seasoned tradelines used are coded with non connecting numbers, so there is no

chance of the “once one is flagged, they all are flagged” affect.


Add Tradelines- Get Credit. Its that simple.


Our clients average $75,000, we could get more, but many ask for lower credit amounts. We do ask

That we obtain as much as possible since this is how we are compensated.


4-5 primary trade lines with level 3 (higher limits) can get up to $150K-$250K


Buy a Card using a CPN Number


Car loans using a credit privacy number are easier than ever before not sure why, it just is.

Any CPN credit file will be able to walk into a bank and get a car with little or now money down.


Clients report getting $85,000 with BMW, or $60,000 with GMAC all the time.

We do provide a list of banks that work well for this.


“Here is a recent example of a CPN credit Profile“.


Terry McMahon.


Credit cards- 15k, 10k, 10K, 7.5k, 30K.



Corporate credit-$125K.

This did require another 5K for an aged corporation package, which was funded by the phase one credit.


We used 6 inquires, and was able to get two credit lines

for the business using 4 more inquiries for a total of ten.


If you are interested in working with our team of professionals to buy tradelines, build a new cpn credit

profile, or enhance your current file, you can email us here.

Want to enhance your credit profile? Send us your access info and we will do a review and make

Recommendations for free. SSN credit profile, CPN profile, its all the same to us. We can add primary tradelines,

Authorized users, and raise your scores 120 Points in 35 days or less. Pull your report here!



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10 Comments to “How It Works”

  1. I am wondering how long the tradelines take to post on average? Also, do you do the funding? We do funding as well, but I am told in the forums that you have a special process, what and how do you approach income requirements?

    • Its a secret… no kidding. We stick to high FICO instant approvals. We can also use “no Doc” banks. The processing team will find away. The funding is easy, getting lines to post was the tough part…until now.

  2. My lines posted in 25 days, some were on my file in 10 days… can I apply now even if I am still waiting for the last primary to hit? I currently have 5 tradelines on now, and I am excited to get going. Also, can I still hire your company to do the funding. ?

    • Stick to the game plan, its the best way. But, 5 tradeines is great for a file.

      There is more to funding then just submitting, if you experience any denials, and I expect you will, then send this file our way, we will hook it up!

  3. I want to sign up right away, but only have about 60% of the cash, can I still get in? My friend said he was able to help me using the card you helped him get. Thanks

  4. Yes, they will work with you, as long as you dont miss payments. This is an industry that is next to impossible to find honest and dependable sources. These guys have hundreds of clients, and make far more then the scammers who work hard try to get peanuts.

  5. Hey, we were wondering if you were still interested in selling your blog because we didn’t hear anything back from you. We’ve been authorized to offer $38,500 by management but that’s as high as we’re going. Please contact us in our company profile here:

  6. I am only commenting because I am a bit concerned, but the forum shows dozens fo people raving about your new tradeline, so I guess I will place and order.

  7. I am so on this.

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